Autogenic Training – Basic Course

Content: Autogenic training is a treatment of concentrative relaxation. It is a western based kind of meditation. You will be instructed to influence organ funtions consciously which aren’t typically controlled by the free will (e.g. blood circulation). Everyone has an experience where thinking of a disagreeable situation results in feelings of anxiety, stomach ache or an increase of heart rate. Thinking is enough to influence body functions. Autogenic training is a practice of using this phenomenon in a positive way. By practicing the learned phrases regularly (Formulas) you will be able to regulate different body functions, like blood circulation.

In this basic course you will be taught to use all basic short set phrases of autogenic training by your self. The basic short set phrases are the following: calming exercise, heaviness exercise, warmness exercise, heart exercise, breathing exercise, abdomen exercise and concentrative head exercise. By frequently practicing at home you should be able to use autogenic training by yourself in different daily situations to calm down and relax.

The Training is thougt in English or German.

Participants:The course is for all people interested in learning an effective relaxation method. Autogenic training is a good method to prevent illness, support health and to strengthen self confidence. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, nervousness and/or uneasiness, you will definitely benefit from autogenic training. Furthermore autogenic training enables you daily to experience a short and effective renewal when ever you need to use it.

New Training sessions will commence in october 2021 and january 2022.


Please call me or text me via sms: 0176 / 552 39 019

Course fee: 120€ per person (8 sessions)

If you are interested in Individual Sessions do not hesitate to contact me.